default bird image
bird and lanterns
101 Bird Show

Birds are a beloved theme at pinn this series tinkers with the work of the great John James Audubon... reloaded and redone! Altered, redrawn, painted, pasted, penciled and passed back and forth till they are done. Audubon redux... birds at play.

pinn - prints are available on 4" x 4" wood box frames, there are over 100 bird images to choose from.

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bird and balloon

bird on swing

bird on big egg

bird in hat

Pinneos are a series of unpredictable little characters that tickle the funny bone. These illustrations were meant for kids but we find that big kids like you buy em' too. Each character is printed with a handcarved block then painted and textured with scribblings and words from vintage toy catalogues.

Pinneos are available to order, the cast of characters is always growing. They are handprinted onto a 6" x 8" wooden box frame.

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petey didnt like the idea

rosie doesnt really like ballet class

jake and his pull toy

martha loves her dog brutus but he's getting so big
Recycle Cycles

At pinn we paint on interesting, unconventional surfaces that may be worn or somehow informative, hinting at a past. Pinnwork is often on discarded papers, cardboard or wood scraps used as drawing boards.

Recycle cycles, illustrated like pages from a well-loved children’s book. This series revolves around bicycles, featuring little kids performing amazing feats of one-handed trickery while older, kids egg em' on.

My bike? I love it! It's vintage. I got it from a dear old lady, her cycling days done. It's orange with an old leather seat. Sometimes, you can see me huffing along 10th on the way to the studio.

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hey look at that kid

who's steering

the brave little girl

look at those two
A Fantastical Tea Party

Painted on tea bags, images of ladies who drink tea and others.

These wee bags were created for a wee gallery and for a vending machine project where you could purchase art by dropping a coin into a vending machine. The machines were distributed throughout Vancouver and our work quickly sold out.

Sold Out


clown jumps the world

ladies who take tea

ladies who drink tea
Dogs In the Hood

Got 2 dogs, Molly and Giz - Molly is a big blonde lab and Giz is a wee mutt. They go to the park across the street to meet up with all their friends. They all have their own personalities. These are the dogs in the hood, dressed up a bit.

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don't like this hat

hey, what's going on over there


jackson was psyched for the cake

Two girls... pinnheads really, stroll through Vancouver’s Chinatown. We love going there for a quick getaway like tourists in our own city. We take in all the bright colors, markets and wares. We photographed, collected papers and then collaged painted and drew this series.

Sold Out but... it is a theme we are revisiting soon!


chinese school

walkin' one way