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Peruse this: I go here all the time to see whats up in trendy

other arty illustrator folk, to name just a few:
dave mckean

music I listen to at the studio...
my friend Natasha, check her out:

amos - wow is all I can say:

Dixie chicks - love what they stand for:

bonopo - site coming great listening!

love Blue Rodeo and Dire Straits of course

Headwater: my kids love this band and really, so do I – local North Van guys who we so enjoyed listening to on the Ferry to Victoria - check them out at - Headwater

earth matters:
Really clean your house! -

for kids: then search for pinnstudio and see what we do in schools

link to linc my amazing talented web designer guy...

interesting tidbits... look for our cards

foodies check this out: